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1 Solution for all your Property Needs

Let our service give you piece of mind.

The Most Trusted Property Management Service.

  • Over 12 years of Trustworthy Service in Wellington

  • 24/7 Availability

  • Airport Transportation

  • Cleaning Services

  • Security Checks

  • Handy-Man & Maintenance

  • Coordination with Licensed, Insured Contractors

  • Hurricane Shutter Install & Storage

  • Pool and Pest Services

  • Tile and Hardwood Floor Installations.

  • Lawn and Paddock Rejuvenation

  • Ring and Fencing

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Our Clients:
We are Always On:

Are professionals, in their sport and business.  They are riders, trainers, course designers, judges, vets, polo players, equestrian enthusiasts & more.  They all share 1 common trait and that is they are busy!  At Grand Prix we understand that hustle and we get the job done so that our clients can rest assured when they are off the clock.


Just a phone call, text, or email away is the answer and service you need.  We started this business because we saw that in the equestrian communities there is no  time to lose, so when their is any urgent need at all we provide the support you can trust.  


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